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- fear of dental treatment is spread especial especially due to its notorious painfulness. We have overcome this myth in our centre long time ago. At present there is no problem to provide a painless treatment. There is a whole range of anaesthetic solutions and applicators thanks to which it is possible to achieve not only a painless treatment but also painless anaesthesia, i.e. the injection as such is no more an unpleasant experience. The classic injection needles are very rare in our dental centre. Mostly we use special dental applicators with very thin needles. These are used for application of periodontal anaesthesia when a very small amount of anaesthetics is used and, on the other hand, a strong anaesthetic effect is achieved right after its application. This allows painless treatment no matter what procedure the tooth undergoes. Obviously the painless treatment is provided for child patients.

Bezbolestné vyšetrenie


- includes treatment of the buccal cavity by means of examination instruments and preventive X-ray images. Your previous dental record is not important for us as we create our own record of your teeth. The initial examination includes checking of gums, tongue, jaw joints and buccal mucosa.

- Preventive X-ray images processed by our equipment enable us to check areas between teeth as well as areas underneath the existing dental fillings, so-called hidden tooth decays.


- Regular semi-annual preventive examination of entire buccal cavity.


- Indivisible part of the treatment, professional teeth cleaning (we will remove anything you could not remove from your teeth at home). Within the initial examination we will give you a tooth brush and advise you on the teeth cleaning technique. DH is one of the most beneficial services we offer. Based on the principle “clean teeth do not suffer decays neither paradentosis” DH may prevent you from many troubles caused by tartar. Both tartar and tooth scale, which are the most significant bacteria carriers, are responsible for the most extensive mouth diseases, tooth decay and paradentosis. Tartar is formed by mineralization of the tooth plaque and it is not possible to remove it by home DH. This is only possible by professional DH. Apart from being an important part of dental prevention, the dental hygiene, i.e. removal of the tooth tartar and scale, is also an indivisible part of treatment of advanced forms of paradentosis. It is a history to say that paradentosis is an untreatable disease. On the contrary, it can be cured however it is necessary to start in time. It is impossible to cure only very advanced forms of the disease. Avoid this risk by early DH and enjoy the feeling of clean and healthy teeth. DH provided by “Dental Centrum Dobeš” consists of several consecutive acts:
During your first visit you will be thoroughly advised on methods of home DH. Further your gums will be examined and teeth cleaned.
1.    Ultrasound – pulsating tip of the ultrasound instrument shatters the tartar deposits.
2.    Air-flow – a mixture of water and powder is sprayed on the teeth at high pressure and thus it removes unwanted pigmentations.
3.    Polishing with abrasive paste – gentle polishing of the tooth surface with a rotating brush and paste. On your demand we may apply fluoride gels on your teeth after completion of DH.



it is history now that teeth colour was unchangeable and we had to take it as it was. Nowadays, the teeth whitening offers a unique possibility to achieve desired teeth colour. There are several methods of teeth whitening. We offer whitening procedures by means of whitening lamp Swiss Master Light. It is a very progressive method o teeth whitening offering an immediate result, which means that after one treatment you leave our ambulance with white teeth whereas you may choose the intensity of whiteness.

The mechanism of teeth whitening with the whitening lamp is based on a special gel containing carbamid peroxide that is applied on the teeth clean of decay and tartar, followed by radiation of the whitening lamp that acts as accelerator of the entire reaction.     .

The night-time teeth whitening is a method approved by years of its excellent effectiveness, however its disadvantage may be the fact that it has to be applied for a night in duration of twelve nights. Its principle rests in producing special holders of the whitening gel on the basis of your teeth impressions. You will be able to apply the whitening gel to these holders by yourself and insert them to the mouth.  The whitening process takes place while you are sleeping. The teeth whitening procedure may be aborted anytime you feel your teeth have reached the desired grade of whiteness.

Tres-white is the third system of teeth whitening. The whitening process includes application of prefabricated tapes impregnated with a whitening gel.  This method of teeth whitening is applicable for achieving slight changes of the tooth shade or for refreshing the teeth colour.

The shade of your teeth achieved by application of a whitening procedure remains permanent.Bielenie zubov


- Inflammation of the tooth nerve is one of the worst pains ever. Mostly it is initiated by an infection transferred from a deep decay to the "tooth nerve". In advanced stages of the infection the pain can no more be killed by analgetics and the patient becomes absolutely helpless. In many cases the infection results in extraction of an important (crucial) tooth. We have other tool than pliers to help you with the tooth nerve inflammation in the "Dental Centrum Dobeš". It is called Endodontics, which is a treatment of the tooth canals. Reading these words my give you shivering but you may be assured that treatment of the tooth canals is absolutely painless compared to the torture of the tooth extraction. In addition to that by extraction you may lose a tooth that could still be functioning. The tooth canals treatment is always performed under local anaesthesia and with use of modern equipment and techniques of dissection. We are able to treat the tooth root canals within one session. Forget the multiple replacements of the "healing insertions" to your tooth - that is a waste of time. We often treat the root canals that have once been treated, however insufficiently.  A tooth with treated root canals may also have the lifetime of a healthy tooth. Endodentic treatment is a very successful dental practice.Preventívna prehliadka


– decay is the most frequent illness of a tooth. Tooth decay is treated by means of a tooth filling. Thus tooth filling becomes the most frequent practice in the field of dental care.  Modern ambulances provide two basic types of tooth fillings. White fillings are made of photo-composite materials and silver fillings are made of amalgam. As we are a centre of aesthetic dentistry we mostly use the photo-composite materials, i.e. white fillings. White tooth fillings gradually tread out the classic amalgam fillings into the sphere of so-called “social” fillings as amalgam is cheap and easier and quicker to process. With present technologies the materials used for white fillings, i.e. photo-composites can totally replace amalgam and fulfil the most demanding requirements of a patient. Obviously, a total aesthetic and technical result may be achieved only by a skilled and experienced dentist. Mr. Dobeš and Mrs. Dobešová are such dentists in our centre.  Materials we use for dental fillings come exclusively from renowned manufacturers and are one of the most expensive materials on the market. Of course it is possible to treat patients by use of amalgam fillings as we have modern equipment and know-how also for this kind of tooth treatment.Ošetrenie výplňami


- by nature, every human  has 32 teeth. These teeth form a unit called dentition. Loss of any tooth disrupts this unit both functionally and aesthetically. Luckily, we have prosthodontics – a field of dentistry that deals with reconstruction and replacement of damaged or missing teeth.  In our centre we provide prosthetic treatment at professional level. We propose the most optimal solution of the defect to our patients, inform them on all possible alternatives of the treatment and, of course, we will perform the solution in coordination with renowned dental laboratories.  Prosthetic treatment includes use of crowns, bridges and removable dentures. Treatment with use of crown and bridges includes the following:


– this is a well-established and perfect treatment of damaged or missing teeth. Classic solution includes application of a metal-ceramic crown. It is a combination of metal cap placed on the tooth snag and porcelain covering, which provides perfect aesthetic result. Each tooth is modelled by an individual dental lab technician in order to achieve exact shape and colour shade of the original tooth. Use of all-ceramic crown is the above-standard treatment solution. Its principle is the same as that of metal-ceramic crown whereas the metal cap is replaced with a porcelain one. Achieving a more persuasive aesthetic result is the advantage of the all-ceramic crowns. Milled crown made of zircon crystal or so-called zircon crown is the most modern solution of tooth-crowning. Also this solution includes a basic construction that is milled of zircon crystal and it is then covered with plastic porcelain. Advantage of this method is the fact that zircon ceramic is very firm and it can be applied to more serious dentition defects, i.e. loss of 3-4 neighbouring teeth.


– in case of significant loss of teeth and impossibility to treat such defect by a bridge it is time to apply a removable denture. These are divided into partial and complete dentures. Partially removable dentures are made for patients with remains of a dentition which can bear the denture. Again, we offer standard and above-standard solutions. A standard solution means that the denture is fixed to the remaining teeth by means of brackets, so-called hooks. Above-standard solution includes adjustable attachments that hold the denture.
The adjustable attachment is a special mechanism hidden within the denture torso and attached to the tooth. Thus the denture can be clipped on firmly to the reaming teeth, which provides its very comfortable use. In case of total loss of all teeth it comes to use of a complete denture.  These are adhesively attached to the gums and palate.

Snímateľné protézy


- sometimes it comes to a situation when even the most modern technologies neither a good dentist can help the patient and extraction, resection or dental surgery is the only way of treatment. Most surgeries are made in the dentist chair and more complicated surgeries, such as extraction of uncut wisdom teeth, resection of tooth roots, etc. is usually done by a surgeon with appropriate attestation.

Chirurgické ošetrenie


- status of milk teeth is in the hands o parents. Milk dentition is very important for healthy development of jaws and permanent teeth. In case a milk tooth is attacked by decay it is necessary to treat it with a filling. The opinion that milk teeth are not important, have no roots and they don)t need to be filled is wrong and harmful. In our dental centre we treat children from the age of 3. It is good for a child to undergo a painless dental treatment before he/she experiences a toothache. In “Dental Centrum Dobeš” we proceed with a very sensitive psychological approach, in the form of a fairy tale that the child treatment is always painless, so that the child has no bad experience, which could cause difficulties during further treatment. In case a child has experienced a painful treatment we may treat the child after application of sedatives.

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